“... one of those rare albums whose sum is greater than the total of its parts.... a fine, fine album." – Jeff Wignall, WPKN (Bridgeport, CT)

Mary Ellen Bernard’s third CD is gritty, percolating, moody and soulful with a sexy, atmospheric cover of the Hollies’ classic “Bus Stop.” It balances sonic textures and guitar-driven rhythms with gritty acoustic-rock held together by the artist’s fluid vocals, humor and storytelling capabilities.

The disk was produced by husband and musical partner Paul Guzzone and features a number of collaborations by the couple, plus songs by Guzzone himself. In addition to the title cut it features a few other covers including solo efforts by each member of the duo Aztec Two-Step, Neal Shulman and Rex Fowler, and a co-write by New York songwriters Jon Albrink and Nikki Gregoroff.

While much of the instrumental work and background vocals are covered by Guzzone, the rhythm section includes Frank Vilardi on drums and David Hamburger on dobro and guitar. Some tasty contributions are also added by such noted New York musicians as Jon Herington, Ira Siegel, Howard Johnson, Steven Bernstein and Art Baron.

Bus Stop has received airplay on at least fifty radio stations and shows across the country.

1. Northern Lights (Paul Guzzone)

2. Lazarus (Paul Guzzone & Mary Ellen Bernard)
3. Bus Stop (Graham Gouldman)

4. Me and the Boys (Paul Guzzone & Mary Ellen Bernard)
5. Faster Gun (Rex Fowler)
6. Way Down in New Orleans (Neal Shulman)
7. Conversation in Coach (Paul Guzzone)
8. Do Some Good (Jon Albrink & Nikki Gregoroff)
9. Good with His Hands (Paul Guzzone & Mary Ellen Bernard)
10. Friends Like You (Paul Guzzone & Mary Ellen Bernard)
11. Slipped Your Mind (Paul Guzzone & Mary Ellen Bernard)
12. These Are the Days (Paul Guzzone)