Listed among releases by Dar Williams, Ani DiFranco and Jonathan Brooke as one of “the ten best albums of 1996 that you’ve probably never heard of – but should have!” - Steve Bornstein, Mixx Magazine

In a blend of musical styles that defies classification this recording offers slinky blues vocals, roadhouse rock, New Orleans rhythms and shimmering ballads. Seth Rogovoy, writing for the Berkshire Weekly, called it “a multi-faceted, personality-infused, urban carnival.”

The artist’s humor and attitude are reflected in both her lyrics and her interpretations. Also evident here is her passion for finding choice material by other writers including Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lanford Wilson, actor Jonathan Hogan, Michael and Kevin Bacon (aka: The Bacon Brothers) and such terrific New York songwriters as Jane Barnett, Margaret Dorn and Martee LeBow. From the haunting title track, written and arranged by Bernard’s husband and producer Paul Guzzone, to the hilarious “The Diaper Rag” (the couple’s answer to the propagation of the Baby Boomers), Coney Island Mojo has been winning the hearts of fans, reviewers and radio personalities.

1. The Big Idea (Paul Guzzone & Mary Ellen Bernard)
2. This ‘n’ That (Paul Guzzone & Arlene Jaffe)

3. Coney Island Mojo (Paul Guzzone)

4. Like Stardust (Jonathan Hogan & Lanford Wilson)

5. Only a Good Woman (Michael Bacon & Kevin Bacon)
6. The Duke of Dutchess County (Paul Guzzone)
7. Blue Caribbean Waltz (Paul Guzzone)
8. Traded Dreams (Mary Ellen Bernard)
9. The Diaper Rag (Paul Guzzone & Mary Ellen Bernard)
10. Who Do the Voodoo? (Martee LeBow)
11. Lace Against the Moonlight (Margaret Dorn & Jane Barnett)
12. I Want You To Be My Baby (Jon Hendricks)